What if a stranger's story could change your life?

All Things is a collection that features wisdoms and stories from "strangers," who reveal their most pressing thoughts as if posting on an online forum. It seeks to capture the anonymity and relentless exposure that the internet can bring in today's world. Each story is paired with a compelling photograph, further exploring the juxtaposition between surrealism and documentary.

It is a work of both fact and fiction.

The project was born out of an obsession to understand the intersection of art and literature within technology. From powerful Quora posts, to "fake" Facebook news, to censored Wikipedia articles, I was driven by questions around authenticity, transparency, and identity in today's ever digital environment.

Yet as I sifted through familiar online platforms, I was struck more by the beauty, than banality, of the stories of strangers.

The deeper my work took me into the online world, the more I felt connected to each stranger's story. And as I found my own subjective experience bleeding into the writing, I began to see it less as a collection of 108 "true" stories of strangers whose lives somehow intersect, and more as a journey of a single soul through 108 "fictional" incarnations. 

Through weaving "found content" from daily life, moments of personal history and collective consciousness are activated.

I hope this work inspires, sparks, or compels you. 

Thank you,